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A Brief Overview of ANA Services and Events

Accomplished Massachusetts-based entrepreneur Kenneth Goldman has maintained an interest in rare coins for more than five decades and has worked as a coin dealer and as president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., since 1976. Over the course of his career, Mr. Goldman has been an active member of all industry organizations such as the American Numismatic Association. Mr. Goldman joined the ANA in 1967 and is one of the oldest members on record today.

Kenneth M. Goldman has been a 50 year member of the ANA and will receive his 50 year award in August of 2017.
The American Numismatic Association (ANA) operates as a not-for-profit educational resource for individuals with an interest in the study and collection of rare coins and related materials. The ANA maintains a number of distinct services and programs, including a museum, a library, frequent publications, and a number of annual conventions and special events. The organization is a regular presence at the most comprehensive coin show in the United States, the World’s Fair of Money.
The ANA Edward C. Rochette Money Museum hosts a number of informative exhibits that examine the culture, science, art, and history behind currency. The exhibit A House Divided: Money of the Civil War, for example, takes a look at the various expenses incurred over the course of one of the nation’s most costly wars. Other popular exhibits include The Continental Dollar of 1776 and Colorado Gold.
World’s Fair of Money conventions, meanwhile, display some of the world’s most impressive rare coin collections, including more than $1 billion in historic currency and notable entries such as a single nickel valued at $3 million. More information about other ANA events and services can be found online at
Kenneth Goldman can be reached at (781)449-0058 or by e-mail at
KENNETH GOLDMAN, INC. BOX 920404 Needham, MA. 02492

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