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The 1804 Silver Dollar - The King U.S. Coins

Kenneth Goldman Rare Coins

A coin dealer and qualified appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York Attorney General's office, Kenneth Goldman has been collecting and dealing in rare coins since his youth. As president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., he has bought and sold a variety of rare coins, including an 1804 Silver Dollar.

Numismatists categorize 1804 Silver Dollars into three Classes. Class I coins were struck in approximately 1834 and feature lettered edges but no rust pit in the area to the left of the olive branch’s top leaf on the reverse side. The Unique Class II 1804 Silver Dollars has a plain edge, and Class III coins have lettered edges and feature a rust pit to the left of the branch on the reverse side.

Due to the 1804 Silver Dollar’s rarity, it has been the subject of numerous radio programs and books. The coin also broke the world record for selling price at a public auction in 1999, selling for $4.14 million. Only 15 are known, and each has a long pedigree of distinguished collectors & dealers.
Kenneth Goldman has been a dealer with rare coins for half a century. Mr. Goldman would be pleased to help and assist with the building of rare coin collections as well as the orderly disposition of rare coin collections. Contact info for Kenneth Goldman directly is E-mail: or phone 781-449-0058.

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